Realtors® Who Renovate

Resilient Realty and Renovation are the Realtors® Who Renovate! Discover how this innovative company can help you with all your residential real estate needs.


Resilient Realty is a full service residential real estate brokerage which means our real estate agents can help you buy and sell your home in the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Buying Agents

Working side by side with Resilient Renovation, our buying agents have an advanced knowledge of the residential construction industry. Not only can we help you find your new home that suits your cosmetic and “cuteness” dreams, we also look at the “guts” of your home so you know some potential issues that may come up in a home inspection before you put in an offer.

Listing Agents

Our listing agents also offer sound advice on how to present your home when it comes time for selling. We believe the two major factors to selling your home is price and presentation. With an accurate comparable market analysis, advice on how to present your home just right, and access to the best contractors in Milwaukee to help repair those pesky issues that may arise, our listing agents can help guide you through the entire process. All with a commission rate of 4.5%!


We are Wisconsin Licensed General Dwelling Contractors! Resilient Renovation is a residential interior home remodeling company that remodels entire homes, bathrooms, kitchens, and basements!  From start to finish, Resilient Renovation will create a 3D design so you can see how your project is going to look, help pick out materials, sub-contract and perform the work, and make sure you’re happy with the finished product.

We also work with several sub-contractors including A&A Contractors, CK Electric, A & J Electrical Contractors, Adonnis Waterproofing, Alpha Plumbing LLC, and a few others.

The RenoBuy: Buy and Renovate Your Next Home With One Loan

Resilient Realty and Renovation works together to bring customers the RenoBuy. The Renobuy is a process that allows homeowners to Buy and Renovate their next home under one. Find out all about it at

Our Client’s Advantage

WE HAVE YOUR BACK! Having both a residential real estate brokerage and remodeling company to help you in your home search or remodeling projects is a major benefit. When searching for homes, our agents can help you pinpoint major defects in a property or assess the quality of updates a property may have recently received.  When remodeling, our contractors know what projects will increase your home value and will advise you when a certain renovation project might lose you equity. Our main goal is to make sure you’re completely satisfied while still protecting your investment into your home.

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