Bayview Cape Cod Restoration | Part 1

In a construction industry driven by cost reduction and production efficiency, the charm and character that was so prominent in the craftsmanship of the late 1800s and early 1900s can sometimes be forgotten. There are a few pockets in the Milwaukee Area where the history continues to be preserved and restored by today’s real estate investors.

The Bay View area has become a prime example of how Old Milwaukee Architecture has been revitalized and improved to accommodate a more modern lifestyle. Continue reading below to learn about our client and friend Amadeo and his experience restoring his own 1939 Bay View cape cod.


As with many things in life, a restoration must start from the ground up. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin the ground can sometimes be your biggest enemy. The soil in the Greater Milwaukee Area has a high concentration of clay that causes expansion and contraction as water freezes and thaws. The excessive ground movement can compromise the structural integrity of older homes with cinder block or brick foundations. To combat these issues, Amadeo hired the foundation specialists at Adonnis Waterproofing to install a drain tile system and steel reinforcement beams.


Once he created a solid foundation to build on, Amadeo could then begin the process of reconfiguring the main level and second floor. To help with the design, Resilient Realty and Renovation input the existing layout and dimensions into a design program where they could create a new space that would be functional and aesthetically pleasing for prospective buyers. With a new floor plan, building permits, and his crew, Amadeo began what will be an 8-week transformation.



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