Protect your family from the Stainless Steel Effect

SATIRE: Many of us know stainless steel as a metal building material impervious to rust and corrosion that has become increasingly popular with its application in household appliances.

What many of us don’t know are the dangerous side effects. There are a variety of symptoms that you can look for to help protect you and your loved ones.

If you or someone you know has experienced temporary loss of vision or cognizance, it may be caused by the presence of stainless steel. Despite its popularity among homeowners and its seemingly harmless metallic surface, stainless steel can be quite hazardous. When you look directly at this building product your optic nerve may transmit impulses to your brain that can cause the two most dangerous symptoms mentioned above.

When consumers experience loss of vision or cognizance they often make poor financial decisions.

In some cases, prospective homebuyers have been unable to identify obvious structural defects as they are temporarily blinded by the alluring metallic substance known as stainless steel. Disguised by this dangerous building material, distressed homes are being purchased by innocent individuals suffering from impaired logic.

To protect yourself and preserve your financial well being there is only one solution… Resilient Realty & Renovation.

With Realtors and Contractors on staff that are familiar with today’s construction and remodeling practices we can help restore your vision and cognition. Let us help you see past the cosmetic distractions that lead to dangerous decision making and the destruction of your financial future.

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