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Kurtis Stuckert and Greg Peter’s journey to becoming one of the highest quality home remodeling and realty companies in southeast Wisconsin began on a chilly spring night. As young, intelligent kids in college who had a recourse for authority and vendetta against anything structured, they jumped into a little stick-shift red Hyundai Accent with a few hundred bucks and an over-sized atlas. As they traveled around the east coast embracing the freedom of stress-free, plan less travel, Greg and Kurtis developed a friendship that is truly indestructible. They also came to realize that with their philosophical vision of life and mixed talents, together they could accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Fast forward a year and half later. UW-Whitewater’s graduation was near, and the only plan they had was to somehow scrounge up enough money to travel around the world for a few months. Jumping into the “corporate” world was not an option for their creative and innovative desires. As they struggled to form businesses such as roofing, moped repairs, or online stores, an opportunity finally presented itself.

Graduation Whitewater

From taking a few real estate courses, Greg acquired a passion for real estate. Having some background in home remodeling, Greg’s grandfather was willing to purchase an investment property as a starter project. Naturally, Kurtis and Greg joined forces and with the help of Greg’s grandpa, they constructed a beautiful home in Waukesha.

Check out their first project in Waukesha, WI:

It was then that they came to the conclusion that this was their key to traveling around the world. With some strategic salesmanship and convincing, they procured the interest of Kurtis’ Dad to invest and believe that they could complete another property. A place in Muskego landed on their doorstep, and away they went. Doing all the work themselves, it wasn’t quite as easy as they thought. The project took dramatically longer than either one of them had anticipated. Ten months to be exact. However, after another gorgeous home, and gaining a ridiculous amount of experience, they had finally accomplished their goal to travel around the world.

Check out the Muskego, WI property:

One week after closing the Muskego property, Kurtis and Greg were on a plane headed to London. For three months they embarked on an unforgettable excursion around Europe immersing themselves in world culture and travel. Through their extended expedition, they began to question what’s next for themselves. While accomplishing their goal to travel was exciting and fulfilling, they hadn’t yet decided what the best course of action would be for the future. So naturally when they returned home with virtually no money, source of income, future outlook, goals, or ideas, they were on the verge of despair.

Although they had hesitations about remodeling more properties due to the frustrations and stress that come with such enormous projects, they decided that to stick with what brought them success. Through the process of obtaining  and renovating two more properties began the formation of new objectives, ideas, and goals. They began to fully understand not only the professional aspects of the real estate market but developed a knack for designing beautifully crafted properties in a commendable timeframe.

First Listing - Greg and Kurtis
Resilient Realty’s first listing

It was at this point where they couldn’t hold back from taking what they learned and sharing it with others. Having advanced knowledge of the residential real estate market interconnected with extraordinary abilities in residential home remodeling, they decided to start their business.

In the summer of 2014, Kurtis obtained his real estate broker’s license and Greg obtained his Dwelling Contractor Certification. Shortly thereafter, Greg also obtained his Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson License. Victoria Peters, having a marketing background and obtaining her Wisconsin Real Estate Salesperson License, was a great addition to join forces. Read more about Victoria’s journey to transitioning to full time here.

In September 2014, Resilient Realty LLC and Resilient Renovation LLC, better known as Resilient Realty and Renovation, was officially formed and created.

Read more about what “Realtors® Who Renovate” means and what we do as a company!

Launch of RRR
Resilient Realty and Renovation Launch Party


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