Get Ready to Sell! 10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Best Real Estate Photos

10 Tips for RE Photos

Are you ready to put your home on the market? If so, it’s important to prepare your home for the best photos to sell your home. Taking the right real estate photos can make a huge difference when it comes to potential buyers. To help you make sure your home looks its absolute best, here are 10 tips to prepare your home for the best real estate photos. From decluttering to staging, these tips will help you get your home ready to sell!

1) Curb Appeal Matters

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions are everything. Curb appeal matters! Make sure your front lawn is well-manicured and that any outdoor furniture is organized and aesthetically pleasing. Power wash the outside of your home and add a fresh coat of paint, if needed. Plant seasonal flowers for added color and take care of any repairs needed, such as cracked driveways or broken steps. An inviting front entrance will make all the difference in enticing potential buyers.

2) Declutter

Decluttering your home before the photographer arrives can make a huge difference in the quality of the photos. Get rid of any items that you don’t need or want, and make sure all surfaces are clean and tidy. Move furniture around so that each room looks spacious, and clear away knick-knacks and extra decorations. You want to make sure the focus is on the house itself, not on the things inside it.

3) Depersonalize

When you are preparing your home for real estate photos, it is important to depersonalize. This means removing all personal items such as family photos, artwork, and other decorations that make your house feel like “yours”. By doing this, potential buyers will be able to envision themselves in the space and won’t be distracted by the personal touches. If you’re worried about leaving blank spaces, consider adding more neutral decorations that won’t be too distracting.

4) Let There Be Light

When it comes to taking the perfect real estate photo, good lighting is key. Natural light is the best option, but you can also use artificial light to help create the right atmosphere. To maximize the amount of natural light, open blinds and curtains and make sure to keep any heavy drapes pulled back. If you have windows, it may be a good idea to move furniture away from them to avoid shadows. Finally, check each room to make sure any outdated or too-bright light fixtures are replaced or adjusted to give a softer, more inviting look.

5) The Kitchen Sells the House

One of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to real estate photos is the kitchen. The kitchen is a key room that can either make or break a sale. Potential buyers often use this room as an indicator of the overall condition of the home. It’s important to take steps to ensure that your kitchen looks its best for photos.

First, clean and organize your kitchen. Clear off all countertops and hide away small appliances. You don’t want your kitchen to look cluttered or messy in photos. This means taking the time to thoroughly clean the kitchen from top to bottom, including scrubbing all surfaces and cleaning any windows and fixtures.

Next, consider adding some décor to make the space feel inviting. Place fresh flowers or plants in the kitchen and make sure any lighting fixtures are on. Showcase any special features that you may have in your kitchen such as a unique backsplash or updated appliances. Make sure to also check that all cabinet and drawer handles are in place and functioning correctly.

Finally, if your kitchen needs a bit of updating but you don’t have the budget to do so, consider staging your kitchen with attractive furniture and decorations. Adding some colorful artwork, dishware, and other decorative items can go a long way in making a great first impression.
Preparing your kitchen before photos will give potential buyers an excellent first impression when they view your listing online or in person. Follow these tips to help make sure your kitchen looks its best in real estate photos!

6) The Bathroom is Important Too

It’s important to make sure your bathroom looks its best when you’re trying to sell a home. Make sure the room is well lit and tidy. Clean any mirrors and wipe down countertops and surfaces. Put out fresh, matching towels and clean up any messes. Open the curtains or blinds to let natural light in. If possible, consider updating fixtures, such as faucets or lighting. A neutral color scheme will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.

7) Create an Inviting Atmosphere

Creating an inviting atmosphere in your home is essential when trying to sell. Potential buyers will be looking for a space that feels comfortable and inviting. To create an inviting atmosphere, start by paying attention to the little details. Make sure your furniture is arranged in a way that encourages conversation, rather than creating a cramped feel. It’s also important to keep the colors of your space neutral and add small touches of personality throughout. Pay attention to the lighting as well, especially natural lighting. Open up curtains and blinds to let light in, and strategically place lamps throughout the room to create a cozy ambiance. Lastly, consider adding house plants or small decorations to give the space a more homey feel. With a few easy tweaks, you can make your home feel inviting and warm for potential buyers.

8) Consider Staging

Staging your home for real estate photos can help create a more inviting atmosphere for potential buyers. Staging includes rearranging furniture and decorations to emphasize the best features of the home. To stage effectively, focus on high-traffic areas like living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Make sure everything looks tidy and neat – no mess! If you have the budget, hiring a professional staging team can make a huge difference. With the right staging touches, your home will look its best in photos and appeal to potential buyers.

9) Put Away Valuables

It’s important to keep valuable items out of sight when preparing your home for real estate photos. This means putting away jewelry, artwork, and expensive electronics. Removing these items from the house can prevent any potential theft that could occur if you’re having strangers in your home for a photo shoot. Keeping your home secure is key when selling, so don’t forget to put away your valuables!

10) Hire a Professional Photographer

When you’re preparing to list your home, one of the most important steps is hiring a professional photographer. Professional photos will help your home stand out from the competition, and they’re essential for grabbing the attention of potential buyers.

At Resilient Realty, we believe in the power of professional photography, which is why we use James Meyer Photography for all our listings. From interior and exterior shots to photos of unique features and landscaping, they can capture it all.

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