What to Expect From Showing Your Home

Showing your property to potential Buyers is one of the most important steps in the real estate process. Buyers will likely make their decision of making an offer based on a private tour and their experience in your home. Resilient Realty will provide guindance to properly prepare your house in a manner that markets your home best.

Listed are a few items we advise to ensure a pleasant showing for Buyers.


Removing cluttered items will a help a Buyer imagine what they could do with the space.

Remove Your Pics

Buyers can be nosy. Remove personal pictures and items that are private to you.

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A clean home and fresh smells when walking into your home can make all the difference.

Open Blinds

A light house will sell your homes features far better than dark one. Open those blinds!

Curb Appeal

Give that lawn a nice fresh cut or shovel the walkways for a great first impression.

Set Thermostat

A comfortable temperature around 70 degrees is prudent to a pleasant showing.


All cooperating real estate agents will be able to show your property using A service we use called ShowingTime. ShowingTime will call, te􏰛t, or e-mail you directly to make sure you are ready to show your property, inform you of what time an agent wants to show your home, and what agent is showing the property.

The service also allows us to collect feedback on what Buyers and Agents think about the price, presentation, and all other aspects of your property. All of this can be accessed in one simple portal.

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